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Electronics Repairs in Burbank, California

Electronics are so important to our lifestyles that malfunctioning systems can make a grown man cry. Don't cry. Turn to Artin Electronics in Burbank, California, for your electronics repairs.

Television - Electronics Repairs in Burbank, CA

Why Choose Us
With 36 years as an established electronics and appliance repair company, we've seen many pieces of equipment come and go.

Yet, our family business continues to thrive because we keep up on the latest equipment, and work closely with our manufacturers in education and training for new products and features.

For example, our guys are wizards at home theater installation with TV mounts and surround sound. In addition, we keep up-to-date in order to best perform computer, and appliance repair on your brand new PCs and refrigerators.

We have access to hard-to-find repair parts of all kinds, provide discounts for senior citizens, and offer 24/7 technical support.

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Our Services
Count on our family business to do its best work for you in repairs and installation.
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Get the experts to do electronics repairs for you. Contact Artin Electronics for problems with TVs, computers, and appliances.


24/7 Technical Support Available